The Perks of Play

Life is a game — at least that’s how I view it. It’s not like hide and seek, although there’s definitely some of that at times. It’s more like a fast-paced full-contact sport whose rule book consists of 4 different languages and mathematical equations. Oh and it’s your turn to take the field. Good luck!

Like any good game, life is full of both spirit-lifting triumphs and heartbreaking defeats, carefree fun as well as calculated strategy. In life, you can lose like a champion and win like a loser, tearing your ACL while doing a victory dance in the end zone.

Life is one wild game. And seeing as you’re already on the field, might as well play your heart out! I approach my work with that type of mentality. Being privileged to make a living as a creative professional, I’m convinced that playfulness is an attitude that yields many benefits.

Every project begins with an idea, and every idea begins with play. When seeking out a creative idea, we are loose and open to toying with various concepts that hide themselves in the crevices of our mind. It is playfulness that gives birth to game changing ideas.

Any sports fan will tell you that a blow out game is boring. There’s no nail-biting drama that keeps spectators on the edge of their seats. It’s vanilla. Therefore, a playful creative professional views the inevitable setbacks and challenges in their work as mere opportunities for highlight reel worthy plays that save the day.

So, I encourage you to view everything you do as one big game. Don’t leave the excitement of play to kids. Join in the fun! Go ahead and start giving yourself points for every time you hit it out of the park, but also remember to spend a few extra hours at batting practice when you notice your form going south. Life’s a game. Play your heart out!

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