7 Virtues for Stepping into Your Calling Like Jesus

Parents often believe that their children are special. Many even have collections of heartwarming stories to prove it. Well, Jesus’ parents had WAY more. From the angelic annunciation of his birth to stellar signs in the sky, it was clear to mom and dad that their boy had a big call on his life.

The Perks of Play

Life is a game — at least that’s how I view it. It’s not like hide and seek, although there’s definitely some of that at times. It’s more like a fast-paced full-contact sport whose rule book consists of 4 different languages and mathematical equations. Oh and it’s your turn to take the field. Good luck!

Breaking through Creative Blocks

If you’re anything like me, you often hit a creative block when beginning a new project. Some people call this the blank canvas syndrome. It happens when you are faced with a clean slate that has an infinite number of possibilities, and your mind scatters a thousand directions.


More often than not, getting what we want is simple; it’s just not easy. For example, there is a simple action you can take to avoid the long lines when renewing your driver’s license: be the first one there. Now this may require waking up earlier, arriving a few minutes before the BMV/DMV (depending on where you live) opens and perhaps standing outside of its doors in unpleasant weather.