Hi I’m Dmitriy and I’m a Columbus, OH based motion designer by day and a writer by night—as well as during lunch breaks.

Thanks for visiting this website! If you browse through my articles you’ll notice I write on all sorts of different topics. That’s because I tend to write about whatever life lesson God is teaching me at the moment. But usually everything ends up having something to do with personal development on the heart-level.

As a natural introvert, I spend a lot of time exploring my internal world. So that’s why it’s important that my internal world, my heart, is as whole as possible.

I believe the level of our hearts’ wholeness determines the level of our outward wholeness. So if any of that resonates with you, you’re in the right place! I hope my words can inspire and equip you to live a more whole life—inside and out.

Thank You,

Dmitriy Prokhnevskiy

Shameless Plug

The photo you’re seeing on this page was taken by my talented wife