Lying Memories

How accurate are our memories? I was recently reminiscing about a string of difficult circumstances from a few years ago. I remembered how lost and unsure I felt about certain decisions I was making. As I thought about it some more, those same unpleasant sensations that tormented me then, flooded me once again. Suddenly I felt stressed, confused and discouraged. I started talking to God about it.

“Why was I so incapable in those circumstances? I’m so bad at navigating through challenges. I wish I were more certain about my decisions.” ⁣ ⁣

I’m sure I thought a few more self-deprecating thoughts before God finally stopped my pity party. “Look at where you are now” was the thought that interrupted me. In that particular moment I was in a room full of people I’ve come to dearly cherish — people who came into my life as a result of the decisions I made in those same difficult circumstances I was complaining about.⁣ ⁣

That realization challenged my narrative. For the first time I saw that I had things backwards. I was so preoccupied with doubts that I completely missed the truth. The truth was that I made good decisions that lead to good things. I chose to embrace a challenging path believing God would lead me to where I needed to be. And he did. So there’s a lot to celebrate. Yet, I was standing in the middle of my triumph believing the lie that I somehow lost. How did that happen?⁣ ⁣

Everything good comes under attack. If we’re not careful, even our past victories — victories that should serve as fuel for more progress & pillaging — could be rebranded and sold back to us as debilitating lies. ⁣ ⁣

I’m so thankful for God’s truth over my life. It’s so much better than my lies! I hope this encourages you to challenge any of your personal narratives that don’t encourage and inspire. Take them to God and let him speak truth into your heart. It might just change your life. ⁣

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